英国华威大学化学工程系教授Rebrov Evgeny在我院作学术报告

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    2018年12月18日上午10点,英国华威大学化学工程系教授、化学工程系主任Rebrov Evgeny将在学院A311会议室作题为《Temperature modulation for process intensification in catalytic flow reactors》的学术报告,欢迎广大师生届时参加。

    Rebrov Evgeny教授简介:

  The current research is at the interface between material nano-engineering and catalytic reactor engineering with a strong focus on the application of nonconventional energy sources, such as microwave, radiofrequency fields and UV light, to activate catalysts and to intensify reaction and transport processes. The research is focused on the understanding and controlling of the interaction of physical transport and reaction processes at all relevant time and length scales in the realization and testing of these chemical reactors for a wide range of applications and processes.

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